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Pomegranate Coffee

5 Boxes Pomegranate Coffee Mix

5 Boxes Pomegranate Coffee Mix

Powerful cleanser of internal organs

“Hindi normal ang Blood Pressure ko at madalas hindi ako makatulog sa gabi. Pero ng uminom ako ng Pomegranate Coffee ay naging normal na ang aking BP at ang sarap na ng tulog ko. kaya pomegranate coffee na ang palaging iniinom ko.”
- Menchie Eusebio, Entrepreneur
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Pomegranate Coffee Mix is an all-in-one organic and detoxifying coffee.

If you enjoy coffee without suffering from common side effects like acid reflux or palpitations, ANCI Brown Rice Plus Pomegranate is a revolutionary way to get your coffee. Compared to other caffeinated drinks, this detox coffee drink has a milder, smoother taste. The ingredients in this coffee mix are 100% organic, making them perfect for busy people looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

7 sachets / box – 21 grams per sachet

Health Benefits

Rich in vitamins and minerals
Improves immune system
Improves digestion
Helps fight arthritis


Brown rice
Green coffee
Coconut extract
Gotu Kola
Agaricus blazei

Nutritional Facts

ANCI Brown Rice Pomegranate Coffee Nutrition Fact

How to drink it

Preparation for hot water -
Pour 1 sachet of Pomegranate coffee mix in a cup then add 200 ml. of hot water then stir.
Preparation for cold water -
Pour 1 sachet of Pomegranate coffee mix, add a little bit of hot water stirr until Pomegranate coffee mix is dissolved, then add Ice and 180 ml of cold water.

Shipping & Returns

How long does the delivery process take?

Delivery depends on the availability of our courier in your area.  No worries, our team will keep you updated about the delivery status.

Luzon : 3-7 days
Visayas: 5-10 days
Mindanao: 5-10 days
Islands and Palawan : 15-30 days
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Powerful cleanser of internal organs

POMEGRENATE COFFEE is an all-natural coffee consist of powerful and natural ingridients with health benefits. It also has stevia as natural sweetener.


Contains with anti-cancer properties. It is good for diabetic. Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Good for digestion and boost immunity system.

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